Visiting Designers
Project Description
The first Visiting Designer to join us this semester was Angela MonDragon George, a Creative Director and owner at "By George"/Dallas. Our assignment was to create a poster of our personal mantra or a visual representation of something we live by. This was a very personal assignment and allowed for a lot of reflection. In the end, "Be." came to life simply because there is not just one thing I live by. I want to BE many things. So, I wrote down all the things I aspire to achieve- "Be a good listener.", "Be humble.", "Be your own role model.", "Be patient.", etc. The statement, "Be always blooming.", is the only sentence not written in my own handwriting because I wanted it to subtly stand out among everything else. Be always blooming encompasses the entire concept because I am always striving to better myself and my character. We had a lot of creative freedom with this assignment and it was very rewarding to see my mantra come to life.
Project Details